Honey of acacia flowers is the most liquid of all honey types. Fresh honey is transparent and of a light color. It has a soft caramel taste without tartness and a rich floral aroma that reminds of spring even in the coldest and nastiest weather. This honey never has slight bitterness that can sometimes be present in other kinds of honey.


The color of buckwheat honey can vary from dark orange and terracotta to rich brown depending on the concentration of mineral substances. Liquid honey is always transparent, crystallizes rather quickly and during this process turns into a lard-like mass of various graininess. Its taste is slightly tart and spicy, sometimes a little bitter, so after tasting this honey type you will have a tickling in your throat. Rich notes of walnut, nutmeg, caramel and even cinnamon can be found in its aroma. This richness is provided by pollen from various kinds of nectar-bearing plants with buckwheat prevailing one way or another.

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There are several methods to classify honey, and each of them is used for special purposes. Consumers of this product find the scheme of honey classification by its origin and kinds to be the most necessary. This systematization explains which plants the nectar was gathered from. It also


Despite the fact that polyfloral wood honey is gathered mainly from trees and bushes, it can be referred to the “herbal” type.


Basswood honey belongs to the most valuable and popular types. It is white, sometimes absolutely transparent, often of a light amber color or, more rarely, yellow or green. Basswood honey is extremely fragrant. It preserves and expresses a marvelous and very stable smell of basswood blossoms that smell like mint. This is its characteristic feature.