This type of honey is universal, and the majority of its useful properties depend on the plants from which the bees have gathered pollen. This honey is gathered on all herbs that bloom nearby (clover, spotted crane’s bill, alfalfa, dandelion, thyme, oregano, etc.). According to the description of nectar-bearing plants this list excludes only sedge, legumes and cereals. Honey is gathered in April and May (in this case it is called “May honey”) or in summer. Its color is from golden yellow to dark brown. If dandelion nectar is predominant in honey, its color is richer yellow. This honey has a great aro


This is the main apiary product in the southern regions of Ukraine. It has a characteristic pleasant taste with a slightly tart touch and subtle aroma. When liquid, this honey is of light golden color. It gets granulated very quickly, and crystallized honey has a light amber color.


Chemical composition of natural bee honey is rather unstable (lots of factors have an influence upon it: plant species whose nectar was gathered, weather at the time when nectar-bearing plant was in bloom, quantity of sunny days,


When you buy honey of high quality, the question always arises of how it is best to keep it in winter and spring till the new harvest appears.

Что такое Raw Honey?

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