This is the main apiary product in the southern regions of Ukraine. It has a characteristic pleasant taste with a slightly tart touch and subtle aroma. When liquid, this honey is of light golden color. It gets granulated very quickly, and crystallized honey has a light amber color.

It has been calculated that bees gather up to 50 kg of honey from 1 hectare of blooming sunflowers, this means that sunflower is not only a source of oil but also a very rich nectar-bearing plant.

This type of honey contains much carotene and vitamin A, glucose and rare ferments that are hardly met in other food products. Vitamins E and PP deserve special mentioning among the nutrients. At the same time this honey contains lots of reducing sugars but little sucrose.

This honey has very good healing and nutritive properties. Unlike other types of floral honey, ferments of sunflower honey are the most active, it clears the body of chemical waste and has a cleaning and general health-improving action.

Sunflower honey possesses quite a few properties that make it useful for our health. It improves cardiac activity, helps in case of gastrointestinal diseases, cold and other disorders of respiratory tracts.

This honey has good antioxidant and quite strong bactericide properties. It is useful in atherosclerosis, osteochondrosis and various neuralgias. It can clear the body of chemical waste. Furthermore, diuretic effect has also been reported.

Sunflower honey has similar contraindications as any other type. Consequently, if other honey types cause no harm to you, you can also consume sunflower honey with no fear. Consumption of any honey type in abundance can lead to negative consequences. An allergy or product intolerance can develop, you can acquire diabetes mellitus or damage your teeth. That is why you should be extremely cautious and not go too far. Before using the product as an auxiliary aid for medical purposes make sure to consult your doctor.