This type of honey is universal, and the majority of its useful properties depend on the plants from which the bees have gathered pollen. This honey is gathered on all herbs that bloom nearby (clover, spotted crane’s bill, alfalfa, dandelion, thyme, oregano, etc.). According to the description of nectar-bearing plants this list excludes only sedge, legumes and cereals. Honey is gathered in April and May (in this case it is called “May honey”) or in summer. Its color is from golden yellow to dark brown. If dandelion nectar is predominant in honey, its color is richer yellow. This honey has a great aroma and rather pleasant and rich taste. At the same time sickly sweetness is well-expressed in it, fruit notes can often be felt. Crystallization process can last for three to four months. As a result a rather thick mass with numerous tiny crystals is formed.

Honey gathered from flowers of different plants is called polyfloral. It means that there is not one definite nectar-bearing plant. Consequently, the useful properties of this honey can vary greatly, depending on the healing qualities of all the plants that grow in the area.

In most cases this honey type contains mach glucose. It is also rich in ferments, vitamins, macro- and microelements. All this defines its numerous healing properties.

Herbal honey has some common peculiarities: body restoration after overstrain; general health-improving and antiseptic action; prevention of insomnia and normalization of sleep; clearance of chemical waste and toxins from the body; improved complexion.

High levels of vitamins and minerals have a body-strengthening effect, stimulate brain activity, improve cardiac function and immunity, and prevent vessel clogging with cholesterol

Since herbal honey is usually characterized by high glucose content, people prone to obesity should not overindulge in consuming it. Consumption of much of such food products can result in side obesity. For the same reason this honey is contra-indicated for people with diabetes mellitus. Caution is also required in case of myocarditis, tuberculosis or cardiac asthma.

Herbal honey has similar contraindications as any other type. Consequently, if other honey types cause no harm to you, you can also consume herbal honey with no fear. Consumption of any honey type in abundance can lead to negative consequences. An allergy or product intolerance can develop, you can acquire diabetes mellitus or damage your teeth. That is why you should be extremely cautious and not go too far. Before using the product with medical purposes make sure to consult your doctor.