Basswood honey belongs to the most valuable and popular types. It is white, sometimes absolutely transparent, often of a light amber color or, more rarely, yellow or green. Basswood honey is extremely fragrant. It preserves and expresses a marvelous and very stable smell of basswood blossoms that smell like mint. This is its characteristic feature.

Basswood blossom is the source of this honey type. The plant is a great nectar-bearing one because one tree can “present” about 16 kg of honey. In other words, 1 hectare of a continuous basswood plantation in theory can bring 1 ton of honey! But huge apiaries are needed for this purpose and besides, no one is going to plant a hectare of such trees. Usually 6 to 10 trees at the distance of 1.5 km from the apiary are enough for one bee farm.

Like the color of basswood honey, its taste is its peculiar feature. It is very intense and slightly bitter. This honey leaves a pleasant tart aftertaste. Granules are small or lard-like, of white and light-yellow color.

This honey can rightly be called the champion among all honey types according to its healing properties. Basswood honey contains no lysine and histidine. As a rule, it contains 39% of fructose and 35% of glucose, its pH value is 3.7.

Basswood honey has vitamins, microelements and amino acids that determine its benefit for the body. Special attention should be paid to the component called farnesol that copes with bacteria perfectly. It was discovered relatively not long ago and can be found only in this honey type. This substance is found in basswood blossoms and adds a specific aroma to this honey too. It is characterized by great antiseptic qualities, that is why this honey type helps to treat a cold and if applied externally, it produces a good local effect on purulent wounds and burns.

Basswood honey is often used for emergency aid: if you got wet or frozen outside, you can save yourself from a cold with the help of basswood honey. If you are already ill, this honey is consumed with warm tea or milk to increase sweating and expectoration.

Basswood honey is useful in case of gastrointestinal inflammations, lever and gall disorders. It has an expressed cardiac strengthening, sedative and slightly laxative action. Basswood honey is great for health and its taste can never annoy you.

Basswood honey has similar contraindications as any other type. Consequently, if other honey types cause no harm to you, you can also consume basswood honey with no fear. Consumption of any honey type in abundance can lead to negative consequences. An allergy or product intolerance can develop, you can acquire diabetes mellitus or damage your teeth. That is why you should be extremely cautious and not go too far. Before using the product as an auxiliary aid for medical purposes make sure to consult your doctor.