Natural honey

Even the best quality product such as honey by Ruban Foods crystallizes and stratifies for natural reasons.

As is known, glucose and fructose are the main components of honey. These two components of honey underlie the crystallization and stratification.

Because glucose has the ability to form crystals, honey within several months after gathering hardens and changes color. Fructose does not have this ability, it always remains in the liquid condition. Therefore, the propensity to crystallize and stratify directly depends on the ratio of these two components in honey.

When storing honey, the fructose molecules in the liquid condition rise upward forming a layer of liquid honey. Glucose stays in the crystallized state and remains below, making up a second solid or pasty layer.

Thus, two layers are created in natural, raw honey. Such stratification is a sign of the naturalness of honey. Therefore, when you see a jar of honey that has started crystallize or delaminate into two layers, think of it as a gift and consider this as a proof that that is actually raw, unprocessed, natural honey.

Acacia honey

Acacia honey is characterized by an exquisite aroma and pleasant taste without bitterness. Fresh honey is transparent and has a light color. It crystallizes very slowly. This honey exhibits general strengthening and calming properties.

Forest honey

Forest honey exhibits an array of colors from light-yellow to dark-brown. It is always darker than herbal honey but is almost similar in its nutritional qualities. This honey is recommended for use as a stimulant for the immune system.

Buckwheat honey

Color of buckwheat honey ranges from dark-yellow to dark-brown. It crystallizes in a homogenous coarse-grained mass. It is characterized by sharp original taste and pleasant flavor. This honey contains more protein and iron than others. It has excellent properties for improving cardiovascular health.

Herbal honey

Herbal honey. The range of color is from golden-yellow to dark-brown. This honey has a very pleasant aroma and taste. It is characterized by excellent nutritional value and exhibits general strengthening and restorative properties.

Sunflower honey

Sunflower honey is of golden color, has a mild aroma and slightly astringent taste. It crystallizes quickly and its grains are coarse. It exhibits excellent nutritional and anti-bacterial properties.

Linden honey

Linden honey has a soft aroma of basswood and a very sweet taste. It is pale yellow in color. Tiny crystals appear very quickly. This honey exhibits anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.


  Honey from ruban foods

RUBAN Foods was founded by a team of initiative and qualified specialists. From the very beginning of our development we considered it our priority to satisfy the demand in healthy and useful food in the best way possible.

For this reason HONEY is the product of our company and our slogan is Natural choice!

Bee honey is a unique food product that consists of plant nectar partially digested by honey bees. It is not only a delicacy and irreplaceable addition to conventional dishes but also a REAL ELIXIR OF HEALTH AND LONGEVITY!

The mission of RUBAN Foods consists in offering people only the best solutions in their longing to have healthy and happy lives. Our principles are Openness, Consistency and Efficiency.

RUBAN Foods offers HONEY only of high quality and wide range.


Ruban Foods preserves consist only of two ingredients: fruit and sugar. Nothing else! These fruits are of only the highest quality. It is a 100% natural product!

Taste and aroma of our preserves will surely remind you of your childhood and grandmother’s recipes.

We offer our consumers four kinds of preserves: apricot, cherry, strawberry and raspberry. You are sure to see whole natural berries in each of them!

Apricot preserve

Made from only ripe selected apricots (without stones) and sugar, our apricot preserve is ideal both to be used in baking and as an individual dessert. Apricots contain much cellulose that is not degraded during heating and for this reason apricot preserves normalize the activity of gastrointestinal tract. High carotene content is good for your eyes. Apricots are also rich in iron, potassium and calcium, which are very useful for blood formation, teeth and bone strengthening. This is the reason why apricot preserves are recommended for pregnant women, children and elderly persons.

Blackcurrant preserve

Blackcurrant preserve is not only a prefect dessert in its own right that can be served with tea or coffee, but also a great filling for pies and other baked goods. Blackcurrant is one of the best berries. It is rich in vitamins E and C — as little as 40 berries a day are enough to meet your daily need of these vitamins! Blackcurrant preserve by Ruban Foods has all the same useful properties as fresh berries: it provides the body with vitamins E and C, promotes secretion of digestive enzymes and, consequently, fortifies the immune system, improves cell metabolism, relieves the symptoms of flu and cold. In general, blackcurrant preserve is not only delicious but extremely useful. It must be consumed by everybody, who wants to take care of their health, look and feel perfect.

Cherries preserve

Sweet cherry preserve is a full-fledged complex of vitamins and minerals that contains plenty of vitamins (C, carotene, PP, B vitamins), potassium and magnesium that are a crying need for the cardiac muscle, calcium, iron, sodium and others. Coumarin as an ingredient of sweet cherries and preserve of this type is of special importance for the diet of weakened people because this element provides the human body with energy. Sweet cherry preserve is a perfect prophylactic remedy against hypertension and atherosclerosis, it helps remove bad cholesterol and digestive decay products from the body. This preserve calms the nervous system down, eliminates extra excitation or swelling and stimulates metabolism. That is why sweet cherry preserve is a must for every home.

Cherry preserve

Cherry preserve is made of sugar and large ripe cherries without stones. Rich color and slightly sour taste of cherry preserve suit both pancakes and toasts for breakfast. Cherries contain lots of antioxidants and this helps slow down aging processes. Due to the presence of cumarin, iron, copper and other useful substances cherry preserve is good for heart, nervous and blood-vascular systems. It also stabilizes metabolism in the body. It has been well said that cherry is a source of eternal youth!

Raspberry preserve

Raspberry preserve has a very tender color, nice taste and marvelous aroma. It contains only the best berries and sugar. Raspberry preserve is rightfully considered to be the most useful. All mothers, who take care of the health of their families, know well about diaphoretic and antifever effect of raspberry preserve. It is explained by a large amount of vitamin C and natural salicylic acid that can be absorbed quicker than chemical drugs. Raspberries are also rich in vitamins A, B, PP, iron, potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc as well as cellulose, organic acids, sugars and oils. For this reason raspberry preserve supports cardiovascular and nervous systems, gastrointestinal tract and metabolism. People, who like raspberry preserve, are always healthy, merry and look great!

Strawberry preserve

Only the freshest and most fragrant strawberries together with sugar are used to prepare strawberry preserve. Strawberry is considered to be an aphrodisiac — a berry of love and temptation — due to the high content of zinc in its seeds, which promotes testosterone production. Zinc is necessary not only for reproductive system. It is irreplaceable for brain, immunity, production of insulin and growth hormone. Strawberry is also rich in vitamin C, iodine, folic acid and produces a slight sugar-reducing effect. But at the same time strawberry is a strong allergen, and people prone to allergies should limit its consumption. Strawberry preserve makes great combinations with yoghurt, cottage cheese and ice cream. Strawberry preserve is delicious and useful.

No Characteristics Parameters
1 NET weight in a 314 ml jar 360 g /12.7 оz
2 GROSS weight of a 314 ml jar (+/- 5 g /0.17 oz) 570 g /20.1 oz
3 Quantity of jars in a pack, pieces 6
4 NET weight in a pack 2.16 kg /4.76 Lb
5 GROSS weight of a pack 3.492 kg /7.7 Lb
6 Quantity of packs on a tray (1200*800), pieces 256
7 NET weight on a tray 553 kg /1,219 Lb
8 GROSS weight on a tray 1200*800 (including tray) 915 kg /2,017 Lb

  Marshmallow is a delicious and useful kind of sweets. It contains apple (or another fruit or citrus) puree, sugar, egg white and gelling agent agar agar. Marshmallow itself has no animal or vegetable fats, and this sets it apart from other desserts.

Marshmallow Ruban Foods is not only a delicious dessert but also extremely useful type of sweets due to their high agar content. Marshmallow from Ruban Foods is always made with agar.

Gelling agent agar agar is made of seaweed and contains a great amount of iodine and iron, which are necessary for our body to prevent thyroid gland diseases, regulate healthy metabolism, purify and improve lever functioning. Dietary fibers in agar help improve intestine functioning. And one of the consequences is better skin, hair and nails.

Protein in marshmallow is a construction material for muscle framework, and high content of glucose contributes to better functioning of brain. Even future mothers are allowed treating themselves now and them with high-quality marshmallow during pregnancy.

Marshmallow with condensed milk

Marshmallow with condensed milk is made on the base of agar with apple puree added. There is natural condensed milk inside. It has tender vanilla aroma and milky taste.

Marshmallow with orange filling

Marshmallow with orange filling is made on the base of agar with orange puree added. Each half is filled with orange marmalade that contains orange puree.

White and brown marshmallow

White and brown marshmallow is made on the base of agar with apple puree added. It is a combination of two masses: a white one with vanilla taste and a brown one with caramel aroma.

White and pink marshmallow

White and pink marshmallow is made with apple puree added. It is produced in a set of white and pink colors. White marshmallow has vanilla aroma and the aroma of pink marshmallow is strawberry.

No Characteristics Parameters
1 NET weight in a pack 300 g/10.58 оz
2 Quantity of packs in a box, pieces 10
3 NET weight in a box 3 kg /6.6 Lb
4 GROSS weight in a box 4 kg /8.8 Lb
5 Quantity of boxes on a tray (1200*800), pieces 84
6 Quantity of boxes in a sea container 20′DC, pieces* 1,300
7 Quantity of packs (300 g /10.58 oz) in a container 20′DC, pieces* 13,000
8 Quantity of boxes in a 20 ton truck (86 m3), pieces* 3,650
9 Quantity of packs (300 g /10.58 oz) in a truck (86 m3), pieces* 3,600

*when the container is loaded without trays.