From the time when a bee, led by its natural instincts, flies out of its hive looking for a fragrant flower and till the moment when we take a jar of honey in our hands, floral nectar goes a very long and interesting way.

First of all, bees create honeycombs in hives at apiaries or, for example, in hollows of tree trunks with a fantastic skill and precision. 20 to 60 thousands of bees can live in a hive.

Honey-bringing bees bring floral nectar back to their hives. It is noteworthy that a bee must visit up to 1,500 flowers in order to collect approximately 70 mg of nectar that comprises the volume of the nectar stomach of the bee and weights almost as the insect itself. And to collect 100 g of honey a bee must fly over 40 to 45 km.

In the hive honeybees chew the nectar and their enzymes split sugars in its composition. As a result the nectar becomes easily digestible. It is also protected from getting damaged by bacteria when stored for a long time. The processed nectar is put in honeycombs where it becomes dense due to water evaporation caused by the work of bee wings. The bees seal honeycombs filled with ready honey using the wax that is produced by their wax pockets.

A part of the prepared honey remains to be consumed by the bee colony (depending on its size one colony eats 60 to 100 kg of honey annually). The rest is taken out by beekeepers for further processing. It should be noted that all processes for honey production and processing are carried out by our company with strict observation of temperature regime, sanitary norms and humidity parameters. We select containers and processing equipment taking into account product acidity because incompliance with these rules can have a negative effect on usefulness of the finished product, its color, taste and smell.

Honeycombs are first unsealed, i.e. wax caps (capping) are removed. The honey is pumped out using a honey extractor or, if honey is dense, with the help of pressing. Thereafter honey is cleaned from mechanical impurities (particles of wax and dust, mineral and metal parts, air bubbles) by means of sedimentation and filtration.


The most important stage of getting high-quality honey is laboratory testing according to three main parameters:

  • Organoleptic properties (color, taste, smell, consistence, crystallization, fermentation (souring) signs, mechanical impurities);
  • Physical and chemical properties (mass fraction of water, sucrose, reducing sugars; content of hydroxymethylfurfurol, proline and honeydew; diastatic number; acidity; electrical conduction);
  • Safety properties (presence of toxic elements, pesticides, DDT, hexachlorane and antibiotics).

Before pouring, filtering and sedimentation honey is heated. Among other reasons a purpose of this operation is to eliminate yeast that causes fermentation. If necessary, honey can be blended (mixed with other types with view of their mutual enrichment).

Thereafter honey is homogenized. It means thorough blending of the entire volume of honey that is intended to be packed. Honey casks selected for homogenization are heated to 40% and emptied into heated containers with a mixer. As a result growth of honey crystals is slowed down, its structure becomes more homogenous (smaller crystals of a similar size appear) and paste-like.

RUBAN Foods controls the quality of its honey at every stage of its production.

Наша компания заготавливает мёд на постоянной основе. Приглашаем к сотрудничеству пасечников всей Украины. Мы работаем открыто и честно. Для нас каждый пасечник – это соратник и партнёр.

Организацию проверки качества, вопросы доставки и возврата тары, а также полный и своевременный расчёт наша компания берёт на себя.

Для продажи мёда, а также для взаимовыгодного и долгосрочного сотрудничества необходимо предоставить следующие документы:

Частным пасечникам

  • Ветеринарное свидетельство (или экспертное заключение).
  • Справка из городского или сельского совета о наличии земельного участка и пасеки.
  • Паспорт / идентификационный код.


  • Свидетельство о регистрации частного предприятия или юридического лица
  • Накладная
  • Ветеринарное свидетельство (или экспертное заключение)
  • Договор купли-продажи.


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RUBAN Foods was founded by a team of initiative and qualified specialists. From the very beginning of our development we considered it our priority to satisfy the demand in healthy and useful food in the best way possible.

For this reason HONEY is the product of our company and our slogan is Natural choice!

Bee honey is a unique food product that consists of plant nectar partially digested by honey bees. It is not only a delicacy and irreplaceable addition to conventional dishes but also a REAL ELIXIR OF HEALTH AND LONGEVITY!

The mission of RUBAN Foods consists in offering people only the best solutions in their longing to have healthy and happy lives. Our principles are Openness, Consistency and Efficiency.

RUBAN Foods offers HONEY only of high quality and wide range.